Artwork "Enlightenment". A digital hyper-collage artwork by artist Jesper Krijgsman containing a birds and nature elements like flowers, plants, cockatoos, orchids

Original artwork measures

140 x 200 cm

During the Age of Enlightenment, people believed in the importance of happiness, the pursuit of knowledge through reason, and the evidence of the senses. This enabled individuals to achieve enlightenment both cognitively and spiritually.

The bond between these birds is remarkable in the forest as their white feathers shine and brighten up the foliage, providing a sense of guidance. White cockatoos, in spiritual terms, symbolize hope. The sulphur-crested cockatoo's beautiful yellow crest, which can be displayed and hidden at will, is a representation of enlightenment. These birds fly among the angels, guiding the way through cloudy days and illuminating the world around them.

Special thanks to Ellen for letting me photograph her two beautiful Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos Sammy and Yara.

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