Original artwork measures

200 x 95 cm

I feel both lucky and amazed to live in a world populated by wonderfully rich and diverse flora and fauna. However, at times I feel insecure about its future.

Nature can be beautiful: a reminder that all is full of life and is able to live alongside each other in many ecosystems. Reminding myself of this interconnectedness between all organisms gives me a sense of belonging and pride.

As we learn more about the challenges that face our planet’s natural heritage and ecosystems, I hope to inspire others to feel the way I feel about nature and look at it with a sense of selflessness and wonder. A feeling not only of here and now, but of millions of years of evolution in the past, and its future.

The future of much wildlife and biodiversity is something worth protecting. As a species we should not take it for granted. We should take pride in biodiversity to ensure conservation.

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