Autumnal Delight


Artwork "Autumnal Delight". A digital hyper-collage artwork by artist Jesper Krijgsman containing a fall elements like mushrooms, birds, leaves, pumpkins.

Original artwork measures

128 × 180 cm | 50 × 70.9 inch

As the last light of summer warms my face, I see the change in the color of the leaves. The year has gone to the middle of its life; in its third and penultimate stage. As I put on my coat during this time of year, it seems the trees will shed theirs.

Autumn is a season of contrast and introspection. As the skies lose their color and the sun's warmth gets replaced by a chill in the air, one might think of the end of things.

It is, however, a season for opportunity. For introspection and change – or, when feeling content, find solace in things just staying the same. Going along with the natural rhythm of the changing of seasons.

I will rejoice in this autumnal delight. For I hope it remedies my fall blues.

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