Terra Nova


Artwork "Terra Nova". A digital hyper-collage artwork by artist Jesper Krijgsman containing a birds and nature elements like flowers, plants..

Original artwork measures

100 x 140 cm

Digital composite from own photography.

The sun parakeet (Aratinga solstitialis), also known in aviculture as the sun parakeet, is a medium-sized, vividly coloured parrot native to northeastern South America. These energetic critters make their home in this country for time, and the nature around them has existed for millions of years.

Antiquity and wisdom merge with new creatures, birth and death. A story as old as time.

Also on display are butterflies, lizards, palm trees and cacti and succulents.

All the elements were photographed by the artist himself and digitally merged.

Edition of 15.

Available 42x60cm, 70x100cm, 100x140cm

Sold exclusively through Kiekie Art

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