Artwork "Terra Nova". A digital hyper-collage artwork by artist Jesper Krijgsman containing a birds and nature elements like flowers, plants, peacocks

Original artwork measures

100 x 150 cm

Digital composite from own photography.

These two peacocks have made their nest high in the sky and are watching over their kingdom. I find peacocks very interesting and mystical creatures. Besides looking beautiful in their deep colours, long and imposing tails, there is also something in their gaze in which I can see that they are thinking. Moreover, they also have something almost fairy-like. This is why I use them more often in my work. This time finally in full glory and the tail also plays a big role.

The title of this work is "Indigo". Indigo is the name of a colour between blue and violet. I found this name fitting as it leaves on the deep blue of the peacock itself, but also on the landscape in which the animals move; especially at this sunrise with the mist between the mountains (photographed in Khao Yai National Park in Thailand).

There are also several butterflies around the peacocks, and the trees are Peruvian pepper tree (photographed separately). I found this interesting because the purple colour of the pepper among the leaves gives a nice colourful and deep effect. In short: a mystical scene at sunrise.

All the elements were photographed by the artist himself and digitally merged.

Edition of 15.

Available 50x75cm, 66x100cm, 100x150cm

Sold exclusively through Kiekie Art

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